• "Renew" option in my listings

    What is the purpose of the “renew” option on my listings? Is it for stale listings?

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  • No order on file

    Order not received: Today I received an email from WePay stating that an Order had been cancelled. The reference # C1665600904 was from Jerry Lewis dated Jan 24, 2023. After searching my email his...

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  • Payment Processor Outage 1/23/2023

    Our payment processor (wepay) is currently experiencing a major outage . Status updates can be found here: image1856×1736 252 KB I will reply here & update the Activ...

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  • Our Apologies!

    Dear Growers & merchants, Please accept our sincere apologies for the email incident that occurred last night! A million thanks to @darren who answered my Sunday night call for help and prevent...

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