• Receipt download no longer available

    With the new update, I lost the ability to download a receipt for the hops sold. It is pushing all order processing to the trellis area. I do need to keep a receipt with values on it for my recor...

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  • Introducing Brewery Organizations

    Yesterday, we released long-overdue functionality to make the LEx platform collaborative for brewers who work at the same brewery. Here are some things to know: You can only join 1 brewery locati...

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  • CO2 Extract package size

    We’d like to list a couple CO2 Extracts for sale. Both varieties that we’d like to list are in 300 gma tins. Could this package size be added to the menu?

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  • Specific Category for Concentrated Pellets (T35-T45)

    I have a listing for Hopsteiner’s Lupulin Pellets and the most accurate category I could find was T35/Powder for the listing. I think alot of brewers would rather stay away from the powdered versio...

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