• WePay Takes 18%!

    WePay worst deal ever! They take 18%. Lupulin Exchange builds in 5% above your price, fine. WePay charges 18%, this is highway robbery, do not do it! The end result will shock you. I’m very disappo...

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  • Easier Profile Pictures and new Hop Alert Filters!

    We just released two new features at The Lupulin Exchange: Easier Profile Pictures Users will no longer need a Gravatar account to have a profile picture. Instead, users may now upload their own ...

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  • Hop data availability in an easy to use format

    Can the LEx database be accessible via an excel/csv download so that we can do analysis on available hops?

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  • FEEDBACK REQUEST: how should we name experimental varieties?

    As we’ve added more and more experimental varieties to our system, we noticed that we haven’t had a consistent naming convention for them, other than that they start with EX. Sometimes, EXP is capi...

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