• Now supporting all package sizes

    We’re pleased to announce that all package sizes are now welcome on The Exchange. For six years, we’ve maintained a ten-pound minimum to discourage homebrewers from making purchases. It’s not that ...

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  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

    The next time you buy hops on LEx, you might be asked to fill out a sales tax exemption certificate. Without this required documentation, you must pay sales tax. And you should never pay sales tax,...

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  • Not receiving Hops Sold emails

    I listed some hops for sale earlier this week, for which we received listing confirmation emails. In the past 22 hours we’ve sold two orders but haven’t received Sales Confirmation emails. Just wan...

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  • Back to basics? Variety trends are reversing in the pandemic economy

    In January, the LEx team presented “A View From the Spot” at the Annual Hop Conference in Portland. We highlighted increasing price and demand gaps between public and proprietary varieties. LEx mar...

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