• WePay is a piece of shit

    This service sucks. Their website is impossible to use. The link on yoru site on how I get my money after selling hops is 404

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  • 074 has a name!

    Below is some exciting official news from the USDA. You can learn more about this hotly anticipated release on The Master Brewers Podcast. Notice of Release of USDA 'Vista'10241024...

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  • Help ! Problem with shipping

    Hello, im selling hops for the first time here. The first two orders came with a UPS acct. number which I provided to YCH and they charged shipping on that. Yesterday I got a new order which came w...

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  • Updated Cancelation Policy

    We’ve made it easier to cancel orders & updated our Cancellation Policy, which can be found here. The updated policy mentions a Reliability score, which isn’t live just yet but will be released...

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